Palet Geçişleri – nblendPaletteTowardPalette


void loop()


uint8_t maxChanges = 24;

nblendPaletteTowardPalette(currentPalette, targetPalette, maxChanges);


uint8_t maxChanges = 24;

nblendPaletteTowardPalette( currentPalette, targetPalette, maxChanges);


MAXCHANGES:   You can control how many changes are made in each call:  – the default of 24 is a good balance. meaningful values are 1-48. 1=veeeeeeeery slow, 48=quickest.  “0” means do not change the currentPalette at all; freeze

static uint8_t startIndex = 0;
startIndex = startIndex + 1; /* motion speed */
FillLEDsFromPaletteColors( startIndex);;
FastLED.delay(1000 / UPDATES_PER_SECOND);

} //END_LOOP;                                             // I don't use this anymore, I use the power managed display instead.
set_max_power_in_volts_and_milliamps(5, 500);               // This is defined in setup and used by the power management functionality and is currently set at 5V, 500mA.
  show_at_max_brightness_for_power();                         // This is used in loop for power managed display of LED's.


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